Respite on the Water
Help us provide a day of respite for
victims of disaster or trauma by donating your boat to our
Respite on the Water
boating program.
How to get the highest tax
deduction for your donation
We accept boats of all sizes and descriptions both sail and power.
The vast majority of nonprofit organizations are NOT in the business of using donated boats so they'll typically work with a third party "for profit" liquidator that will sell your donated boat at auction. After the fees are paid they'll split the balance with the charity. When this happens, you'll only be able to declare the amount the boat sells for as the charitable contribution, not the full appraised value. Conversely, if you donate your boat to our Respite on the Water boating program, our use of your boat in our program now meets the IRS definition of an "Intervening Use". This use now allows you to take the full appraised value of your donated boat or yacht. Call today to discuss your boat's valuation.

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You may also inquire by email at

Donating to Respite on the Water is a WIN-WIN situation. You get the maximum tax benefit and your boat serves and helps others. Thank you!

© 2018 Agents of Faith, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit religious organization. All donations are tax deductible.

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