Respite on the Water
Help us provide a day of repsite for
victims of disaster or trauma by donating your boat to our
Respite on the Water boating program.
Respite on the Water Boating Program

Our program, Respite on the Water (operated by Agents of Faith Inc.) provides boating and related activities, at no cost, to those who need a respite from difficult and stressful life circumstances. We have provided outings for families with special needs children, families that have never boated before and those that have lost love ones from tragic or traumatic events. Our hope and prayer is to offer a new perspective on life through our program.

In one trip this summer, we took a family of five including 2 special needs children out for an evening of fun. We were able to buy and gift age appropriate fishing rods, enjoy a wonderful boat ride and give a much needed outing to this special family. On another day we were able to take a family out that had lost a son to gun violence.

If you would like to know more about how your boat could be used in our program or to support our efforts, please call

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